Thanks for nothing

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What might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may, in fact, be the first steps of a journey.

So let me tell you all about MY Kanye..

Those of you may not know this but I STAN for Kanye. I adore him and all of his self righteous awkwardness. This man.. 😩.. This man gave me everything I needed last night. Not only did I get to see Kanye perform live but I was able to stand less than 5 feet away from him as he blew my mind away.

This was the moment I have been waiting for, for like ever! He performed new songs from YEEZUS, and all of the classics. But look at what he’s wearing.. My man’s shoe though.. Omg they literally had their own luminesce [“shine bright like a damn diamond”] and the jacket he wore the first half of the show turned into a backpack! Gottt dammmnnn you KANYE! I’m still in awe and he concert ended almost 12 hours ago. I’m going to tripping off of this for the next couple of days.


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