Thanks for nothing

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What might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may, in fact, be the first steps of a journey.


My Friends & I general perspective on other people. (via killingthems0ftly)

Almost 4 years later, and this is still a fact!

(via 2minus1)

Despite initial statements made by authorities that said Victor III was shot in the back, the report describes no back wounds at all. Instead, his cause of death is described as a gunshot to his right chest that perforated his left lung and heart, exited through his left armpit, and lacerated his upper arm. It was reported in initial local accounts of the shooting that Victor III was handcuffed behind his back. So in order for him to have shot himself in the chest, he would have had to pull himself through his cuffed arms in the backseat of that cop car—and of course, have a gun in the first place.

We all swear that we would not been slaves or stood for the troubles of the civil rights movements. Ha. The truth is, yes we would’ve. We would’ve because we don’t have the patience and diligence that our parents, grandparents, great and great-great grandparents had. We would be so busy looking for a hashtag to go with our instagram picture or become distracted by the latest pop-culture drama that the opportunity to make sure change happened would be lost. If Martin Luther King wasn’t making a speech at the Lincoln Memorial, we’d be at home tweeting about nonsense or turning up at the next brunch. We’d only show up when there was a moment to shine.

White people:*reads/watches a book/movie about a Dystopian world* wow those poor people being oppressed by the government and authority.they have every right to fight back and should start a revolt.Nobody should be treated this way!
POC:*actually oppressed by government and police authority*
*are prosecuted each and everyday*
*gets killed and beaten by the police while being unarmed*
*gets Fed up and start protesting against all this*
White people:..
Wow like I understand that racial minorities are angry but that doesn't give them the right to riot and say that you hate the police and white people.You don't fight fire with fire! This isn't about race unless you make it about race! #weallbleedred